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Mike Mefford
Curivari - Entire Line
Curivari - Entire Line - El Gran Rey Curivari is my cigar of choice - seriously - everything they do has been excellent. My absolute favorites are the El Gran Rey line, but really, I'll smoke anything they make - they're just so creamy and complex. You can't go wrong with Curivari, for the pricepoint, for the quality and consistency of smoke, and how easy they are to work with. Add in the simplicity of the band, the 10 count boxes at really reasonable prices, and this is the cigar company of the year in my book.
Mike Teufel
Oliva Sampler - Special Release
Oliva Sampler - Special Release Sampler Review I usually prefer to highlight one high end cigar, but this month, I wanted to review the Serie V 5 Stick Sampler.  I've smoked a lot of cigars, but I remember getting in to cigars and not knowing where to start. This Oliva Sampler is the perfect solution. From new cigar smokers, to experienced ones, this sampler has something in it for everyone.

Tyler Morris
La Flor Dominicana - LFD ACE 20th
La Flor Domincana - LFD ACE 20th La Flor Dominicana has always made high quality sticks - but when they rolled us our own 20th Anniversary Cigar, they really made a winner. Medium to full, but not excessively peppery, and easy for newbies to handle, and complex enough for experienced smokers, this stick is cool. Litto came to Arizona for our 20th Anniversary Event, and even signed a few boxes for us, so if you buy a box, you might get one of the unopened boxes he signed!
Auston Kleczka Cesar Cigars - Cesar Habano
Cesar Habano Review An interesting newcomer to the Cigar world - though they've been making cigars for a while, this is their first venture into the larger cigar industry. Rich and strong, it's got the robustness that usually comes from a LFD (which makes sense, as they've worked with Litto Gomez of LFD), but a smoothness that I associate with Nicaraguan Puros, like Curivari. Rear loaded, meaning the majority of the strength of the cigar is at the end of the smoke, the cigar ramps up into a wonderful full bodied experience, but takes you through rich woody notes, and has excellent sweet notes that highlight the smoke. It kind of sneaks up on you - and I think, if this brand receives some notice this year, it has potential to go huge world wide. I'm excited to watch this band develop, and proud that we offer it on our site.
Past recommendations
Mike Teufel
Don Carlos Aniversario by Arturo Fuente
Curivari's Buenaventura BV560 Review The Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario is an excellent smoke. Creamy, unique flavor profile complimented by an excellent draw and beautiful construction makes this cigar stand out as one of the best smokes I've ever had.
Tyler Morris
Davidoff Colorado Claro
Davidoff Colorado Claro Review Davidoff's line of cigars really hits the mark when it comes to quality and consistency; it's hard for me to smoke anything else without comparing it to a Davidoff. If you're looking for a mild, complex cigar that's got a lot going on, try the Colorado Claros - specifically, if you can get your hands on a double R.
Auston Kleczka Curivari BV560
Curivari's Buenaventura BV560 Review Without a doubt my favorite line to smoke this year has been the Curivari Buenaventura line. Exceptionally creamy, smooth smoke makes it easily approachable by new smokers, and there is just enough complexity that long-time smokers won't be disappointed. The way I'd describe it is, if you're a coffee drinker - you know that perfect spot of JUST the right amount of creamer, and just the right strength of bean? This is that, for cigar lovers.